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Zayn Malik is our favorite and probably the sexiest of the group.

The band is always goofing around with each other and acting gay, but this is a whole new level.

Season 2 arrives just as its audience is also questioning its reality. 8 Noah Hawley has already earned viewers’ trust by turning “Fargo” into a brilliant anthology series.

Put him in charge of an story set in the “X-Men” universe, with Dan Stevens as a mutant who thinks he’s schizophrenic, and the result is an immediate season pass.

Read More This one named always broke rapper is trying to hide from a former business partner. Aug 27, 2017Enty Showing once again that he is a huge prick, this A list fighter was asked about charities he might give some of his winnings too.

On a sweltering New York afternoon, surrounded by potted palms in the private club room of a fashionable So Ho hotel, Hugh Dancy is holding forth on the subject of Britishness. He's had several nude pics leaked to the Internet, as well as pictures of him dressed as a woman.I guess when you have a cock as big as he does you really don't care.When Kidman was only 23, the pair wed and by the time she was 27 they had adopted two children.In 2001, after 11 years of marriage, they finalized their divorce.

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