Request hot chat direct

This is essentially a spam folder, but will probably contain messages from people you know or pages you’ve liked.To get to this folder in i OS or Android, open Messenger and tap Settings at the bottom, then tap on People and Message Requests See filtered requests.At the bottom, you should see the new blue camera icon.

If someone is a friend they’ll be able to send you a private message, and anyone who isn’t currently connected to you will be able to get in touch by sending a message request.Provide visitors with assistance by having either a static button or conditional rules based button, which offers assistance without needing to talk to anyone, it is done by text typing.Explain product options, and answer support-related questions—while customers are still on your site.When Instagram first launched disappearing messages last November, they were separated using ugly, Stories-esque bubbles of your friends' faces.Now that everything exists in single threads, the bubbles are gone for good from Direct. To access the new Direct, simply swipe left from the app’s main page.

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