Ncoa updating

What this means to you: if the addresses in your mail file are not changed in your internal database, after 48 months the addresses will no longer be corrected through NCOA for you.

NOTE: The beneficiary, who verifies the address with the representative payee or the representative payee must call in, in order for us to change the address. If a beneficiary asks that we not change his/her address, reinput the old address exactly as shown on the old MBR.Clean and standardize with MLC to perform USPS® CASS Certified processing, MLC exceeds USPS® Move Update Requirements with NCOALink, and MLC Ultra performs an address dedupe process to flag duplicate records.Regardless of the service level, each process provides a Fast, Easy to Use, and Secure method to update your mailing lists online without purchasing address verification software to load on your local computer.NCOA processing does many things, but its primary function is to make change-of-address (COA) information available to database managers and mailers to help update their lists with fresh, current addresses and reduce undeliverable mailpieces. XLS/XOnce your file has been uploaded, your names and addresses will be cleaned up and standardized, then matched against the USPS 48-month NCOALink dataset. Also included in your NCOALink return data: Current, standardized 5-digit ZIP Codes, 4-digit add-on codes, and 3-digit delivery point (includes the checksum) for all addresses in your list.Updating your list using National Change of Address is easy. After a quick turnaround, a notification email lets you know your NCOALink processing is done. There are two ways to retrieve your updated file: click Download Now in your notification email... And of course, the most current individual, family, and business NCOA moves.

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