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For fans of the show, it was great to finally see those two characters come together as the chemistry between Melissa Benoist, 28, and Chris Wood, 28, has been sizzling hot all season long. According to Entertainment Tonight, Benoist and Wood's on-screen relationship has blossomed into a real, off-screen relationship as well.

On Monday, away from the Vancouver set of set last month, Wood gushed about working with Benoist.

"[Melissa and I have] found this nice pocket for the characters to live in," Wood shared.

"It was just so easy to play and she's just so generous as an actress that she just keeps it rolling.

The series originally was picked up for a pilot and season one containing 12 episodes - this premiered August 17, 2010.

Then, due to the success of the show, ABC Family renewed it for 18 more episodes on October 8, 2010, which premiered June 29, 2011.

AND…I wasn’t the only one who happened to glance over or who was paying attention during the conversation.

Everyone was eavesdropping, but I was the only one to get busted for it. Was so excited when Carole showed me the picture of the guy from Chicago with whom she is setting me up. I may be in the minority but I love Tinsley and think she’s a breath of fresh air!

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It was fun to get together with everyone for dinner at the steakhouse, but can you all lay off about the hair?! Bethenny really surprised me when she called me out for noticing her conversation with Ramona.He’s so cute, and I am really looking forward to this date. Scott’s company, Coupon, has endless promo codes for all the major brands I love, so how could this possibly be wrong? Some say she didn’t bring enough to the table, but I somewhat blame her lackluster storyline on producers; sorry to say it, but I think she was used for Sonja’s storyline.I’ve never been on a blind date before, but this one sounds really promising. He's since embraced his supernatural nature and attempts to use his abilities to protect his friends and family against supernatural threats.He is aided by his Teen Wolf Pack, best friend Stiles Stilinski, friend (and Banshee) Lydia Martin, (Werecoyote) Malia Tate, girlfriend (and Kitsune) Kira Yukimura, and Scott's first bitten Beta Liam Dunbar.

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