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Are you one of the millions of NBC fans that tunes in each week to watch the biggest new drama on television – The Blacklist?James Spader plays Ray Reddington, a criminal that turned himself in under the guise that rather than being punished, he’ll help the FBI pull some of the worst criminals off the streets.Boone has the most scenes with Spader and in recent months we have heard rumors of him not being so patient about the number of takes she needs to get a scene right.According to the March 3rd print edition of GLOBE some fans would love to see Boone replaced with a less stiff actress but she’s not going anywhere without a fight.Boone said in an interview a few months back that she knew when she read the first script that this was a character that she needed to fight for and that’s how she beat out hundreds of other actresses.Now it seems like she better find her grove and fast because the fan support for her is dwindling. Probably not and they can’t get rid of her because it’s very clear that this entire show is tangled around Keene’s relationship with Redd.Megan Boone portrays special agent Elizabeth Keene, the only person that Redd trusts his “blacklist” with.There is also a personal connection between the two characters that has yet to be explained but plenty of fans speculate that Redd is actually Liz’s real father.

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“Superstore” notched a 1.1 and 3.54 million viewers, while “Powerless” drew a 0.7 and 2.3 million.Megan Boone really hit the ground running when she was cast as Agent Liz Keen in NBC’s instant smash-hit The Blacklist, but nothing could have prepared her for working so closely with James Spader.He has decades worth of experience to Megan’s short-lived stint on and it really shows during filming. 11th print edition of National Enquirer on one particularly bad day Megan blew 12 takes which left James to keep rehashing complicated dialog until he lost it.Please contact the Human Resource department or the Office of Vice President of Student Services for discrimination concerns.The following individuals have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: HR Director or Associate VP of Student Services, 133 James Sprunt Drive, PO Box 398, Kenansville, NC 28349 or call 910-296-2400.

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